Steiner Academy Sussex Weald is redifining itself…

Whilst we have been taking a break from our efforts to create a unique environment that promotes academic excellence, whilst nurturing and respoecting childhood, we have been very aware that we are still receiving considerable interest from local parents. The one thing this tells us is that the desire for ‘another way’ is still very much out there. Not only do parents want a choice as to the kind of education they chose for their children, this area is crying out for more school places as our current schools burst at the seams.

We therefore come back to the starting point – there is a desperate need for a new school, as well as a fresh-thinking approach to educating the children of Sussex.

With some fresh blood amongst us – we want to hear from you! In order to build a case to create what is truly needed in this area, we need the views of the people that are closest to this – local parents. Please see the latest news for how you can help